I am a religious person.  I believe that God asks me to forgive.  Since this is the case, can I really say that forgiveness is my choice?

Even if God is asking you to forgive, you still have to cooperate with this and do your part.  As an analogy, suppose your partner asks you for help in lifting some heavy bricks.  You know the request and you know it is important.  Yet, you still have the free will to help, when to help, or not to help.  I think it is the same with your understanding of God.  You are asked and yet it is your free will that helps you decide whether to forgive, when to forgive, and what actions in which to engage to bring about forgiveness.  I would think of it as an interaction between God’s command or encouragement, grace for you to perform the act of forgiveness, and your will to be motivated to forgive and to engage in the actions of forgiveness.

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