I am trying to forgive a family member, but this person stubbornly refuses to admit the wrong.  I am now offended a second time as the person shows no sorrow at all.  What do I do now?

You now have two forgiveness processes in which to engage with regard to this person: the original offense and now the offense of the person’s denying that there was any wrongdoing.  The issue now is this:  Would you prefer to continue forgiving the person for the original offense or would you rather switch to this new offense of the person denying wrongdoing?  That choice is yours.  If this refusal to acknowledge wrongdoing by the other is hampering your ability to forgive, then you might want to take some time now to forgive for this refusal to accept your first overture of forgiving. You then can go back to that original offense after doing this new forgiveness work.

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