8 Keys to Forgiveness


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While it may seem like a simple enough act, forgiveness is a difficult, delicate process that, if executed correctly, can be a profoundly moving and deep learning experience. Whatever the scenario may be—whether you need to make peace with a certain situation, with a loved one or friend, or with a total stranger—the process of forgiveness is an art and a science.

8 Keys to Forgiveness is a how-to guide by the man Time magazine has called “the forgiveness trailblazer”—Dr. Robert Enright, who has researched, developed and implemented forgiveness education programs for the past 30 years.

This hands-on guide walks readers through the process in 8 key steps. How can we become forgivingly “fit”? How can we identify the source of our pain and inner turmoil? How can we find meaning in what we have suffered, or learn to forgive ourselves? What should we do when forgiveness feels particularly hard? All these questions and more are answered here, leading us to become more tolerant, compassionate, and hopeful human beings.

This book has the potential to enrich and improve more lives than any psychology book in decades,” according to Frank Farley, Ph.D., former President of the American Psychological Association. Robert Enright is the pioneer of the psychology of forgiveness, and his great wisdom, experience, and very practical advice are all compiled in this highly readable guide. Don’t give up on forgiveness in your life until you read this book and try its proven strategies.”

+ Read an excellent review of this book published by the current affairs e-magazine Positive News: “Eight Steps to Achieving Forgiveness.” The article contains anecdotes, analysis, and astute observations that provide an outline for Dr. Enright’s scientifically-proven forgiveness process.

Dr. Enright’s latest book is available for immediate shipment directly from W. W. Norton & Company at the W.W. Norton & Company website. You’ll also find additional reviews and endorsements of 8 Keys to Forgiveness on that site. The book is also available in Digital Audiobook format.


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