As a follow-up to my question that there is no Biblical directive to forgive the self (and thank you for your answer), I have this question: A person cannot forgive his own sins. Therefore, there is no such thing as self-forgiveness. What do you think?

To self-forgive is not to absolve oneself of sin, but instead to welcome the self back into the human community after an offense that can lead to self-loathing. A religious person can seek forgiveness from God and at the same time try to love the self again after serious moral infractions.  These two, seeking forgiveness from God for sins committed and loving oneself again are not incompatible.

For additional information, see How to Forgive Yourself for a Big Mistake–Even If No One Else Will.

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  1. queendjh says:

    I have had to look at self-forgiveness in the light of Condemnation. What I find helps me with how I sometimes feel toward myself. I would suggest you biblically research condemnation it may help.


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