Exploring Forgiveness




Exploring Forgiveness
Edited by Robert D. Enright and Joanna North

With a Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Exploring Forgiveness is a powerful collection of essays with an interdisciplinary focus that offers a comprehensive view of conceptual, theoretical, and practical issues on the topic of forgiveness. The editors, Robert Enright and Joanna North, are pioneers in the study of forgiveness.

The body of the text consists of insightful contributions by many professionals from diverse backgrounds including education, philosophy, psychology, sociology, psychiatry, pastoral care, and criminal justice. The essays themselves fall under four broad categories: the personal experience of forgiveness, the philosophy of forgiveness, the psychology of forgiveness, and the application of forgiveness in individual, family, community and sociopolitical contexts.

This unique and groundbreaking volume achieves a rich, stimulating look at a complex and powerful topic. It will compel every reader to consider the challenge and potential of forgiveness.

“From Desmond Tutu’s Foreword to Robert Enright’s comprehensive bibliography, this is a book worth reading. Someday we may speak, in one breath, of Kohlberg’s moral stages, Gilligan’s ethical voices, and Enright’s units of forgiveness.”
–John Snarey, professor of human development and ethics, Emory University

“Robert Enright and Joanna North have produced a truly remarkable book on a subject of enormous relevance to our troubled world. I commend it to anyone who wants to wrestle seriously with one of the toughest issues that faces humankind –how to deal positively with real and deep offenses. Such offenses occur, both in our private lives and in larger society. Here are some penetrating concepts and practical ideas on how to creatively deal with those offenses through forgiveness. Surprising and powerful thoughts confront you as you read these pages on how to achieve true and lasting forgiveness.”
–Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity International

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