In an intimate relationship, how can one rebuild trust after the other shattered that trust?

Once you have walked the path of forgiving, I recommend an attempt at reconciliation.  One can slowly rebuild trust with what I call the 3 R’s of remorse, repentance, and recompense.  Remorse is an inner sorrow.  Is the other genuinely sorry for what happened?  Repentance is words that express remorse.  Has the person genuinely apologized, truly meaning it (and you usually can tell a phony repentance from a sincere one by seeing the other’s emotions).  Recompense is trying to make up for what happened, within reason.  Has the other tried to change so that the injustices now are minimized or even eliminated?  It can take time to see that recompense is occurring on a consistent level, but as you see this more stable change, trust can begin to emerge.

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