How can a person go about finding out how angry he is?  What does this process look like?

There are at least two steps to uncovering anger.  The first is to look within and to rate what you see for now as your level of anger.  This can be done either by filling out a valid anger scale or more simply by using the 1 to 10 scale of pain that you typically see in a doctor’s office.  That 1 to 10 scale ranges from no anger inside at all (rated 1), to a medium amount of anger (rated 5), to an extreme amount of anger that is very painful (rated 10).

Once a person makes a judgement about the anger, a next step is to discuss how forgiving those who have hurt you can lessen anger.  Once you are convinced that forgiveness can help you, this becomes a kind of safety net for you.  This safety net then can help you to let down your psychological defenses about how angry you really are.  At this point, you can re-take the valid anger scale or again go through the 1 to 10 scale exercise.  At this point, people tend to admit even more anger than they did the first time because they now are not afraid of that anger, afraid that there is no solution to that anger.  From here, the process of forgiveness begins.

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