I don’t get the world and the constant quest by those in power to hurt others rather than forgive.  Why is this?

You raise a vital question.  You already have hinted at the answer by using the word “power.”  It seems to me that “power” has become a norm for too many in positions of leadership.  There are at least 2 forms of power: power **for** others and power **over** others.  When there is a norm for dominance and the suppression of humility, then the incessant power **over** others can become a subconscious norm in society.  We need a conscious and deliberate examination of power **over** others with a deep discussion of how mercy, forgiveness, and humility need to break into the norms of societies fo good.  Using power **for** the good of others will create a more just and humane society anywhere in the world, in my opinion.

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