How can I get rid of my anger if I do not confront the person at whom I am very angry?

It seems that you might be trying to seek justice or maybe even a bit of payback from the person.  I have found that the quest for justice does not always end this kind of anger.  In fact, the quest for justice sometimes can increase the anger if the justice is not realized.  A more sure way of reducing your anger is to try to forgive, but only if you are ready to do so.  You can forgive without the other person being present by engaging in the exercises of what we call the personal, global, and cosmic perspectives.  The gist of these exercises is to see the other in a much broader context than the hurts against you. Try to see the wounds in the other; try to see the common humanity that both of you share.  Such perspectives do take time and so please be gentle with yourself during this time.

For additional information, see The Personal, Global, and Cosmic Perspectives.

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