I’m not buying forgiveness.  Someone was really, really rude to me recently.  Forget this person!  As I forget, I have no need of forgiveness.  Anyway, forgiveness is more of an illusion than anything else.  When we forgive we artificially convince ourselves that what the other did was not so bad.  This is not for me.

First, I am sorry that you have been treated very badly.  Your anger is typical for those recently and deeply hurt.  We never put pressure on people to forgive, especially when the wounds are fresh and a legitimate time for anger is needed.  Please keep in mind that once some time passes, your feelings about forgiveness may change.  I am not saying that they absolutely will, but I am encouraging you to be open to a possible change in your attitude toward forgiveness.  Finally, and only when you are ready, you might want to explore more deeply what forgiveness actually is.  When we forgive, we do not condone what the other person did.  What happened was wrong, is wrong, and always will be wrong. What changes in forgiveness is our stance toward the other person.  We begin to see the worth in the other person, not because of what happened, but in spite of this.  I wish you well in your emotional healing.

For additional information, see Forgiveness Defined. 

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  1. Love your wise and gracious answer.


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